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Chaos House? Try These Tidy Tips!

As a Mom, it’s really hard to keep your home clean, especially when it comes to your kitchen. With toddlers running around with endless sticky fingers, crunchy cereal to be stepped on around every corner and don’t even get me started on the dirt, stains or drops of leftover meals all over the table and kitchen countertops. It can be an endless ordeal of cleaning and picking up every day right? Don’t freight Mom because I have a few tidy up tips that will not only keep your house, specifically your kitchen, clean but it also involves getting your kids to see the importance of helping, keeping rooms in tip top shape and learning!


  1. Don’t Walk Around Empty Handed – This is something that I’ve learned to do while juggling two kids under three at one point. From running from room to room with a diaper, wipes, a changing pad, endless toys and more, it keeps things where they need to be with little or no effort from you too! An example would be running from my family room with an empty bottle and I need to make lunch for my toddler after feeding my newborn. I would grab the bottle and dump it into the dishwasher because I was heading there anyways to make lunch. It may sound ridiculous to some but these little things helped me so much in the long run instead of looking at a room and seeing all the chaos with empty bottles, kleenex ( which also is easy to throw away ), blankets and pillows everywhere. These simple tidy up helps you out on the long run!


  1. Have Everyone Help – If your kids are old enough to help, then have them pitch in. We make a game out of it too to make a bit more enjoyable ( because honestly I get that some days we don’t want to clean ). I’ll put on a few songs, a few that are upbeat and we either play the game where you have to put everything away before the song runs out or you need to make fun or silly dance moves while you clean up. If you make it fun and enjoyable for your kids, they won’t make it seem like such a chore. Plus, it’s a time to bond and talk with your kids as well when they put toys away such as ‘this is where your coloring books go because it has a picture of a coloring book’ or ‘Remember, you put your stuffed animals in this bin? Now where does it go again?’


  1. Plan Ahead – One of the biggest things that saves me, especially if there is a super busy morning coming up, is planning ahead. I will make sure that clothes are laid out for the kids to put on in the morning, make lunches, set backpacks and shoes aside and even prep breakfast if I can. If your kids are old enough, have a small chart for them to check off while you finish getting things and items ready for them. My daughter loves to ‘CHECK IT’ with a big grin when she gets up, makes her bed, brushes her teeth and comes down for breakfast. We check her chart to go over if she missed anything for the morning and she’s learning what she needs to do to help out around the house and keep her things tidy herself. She loves being able to be the ‘big girl’ to do so too!


Image: Premier Surfaces


  1. Bathroom Chaos – If you’re house is like mine, the bathroom as well as the kitchen, are the most used and the dirtiest rooms in the house. My kids have spit out toothpaste in their sink, towels everywhere from showers or baths the night before and empty toilet paper every other day! No worries! Along with planning ahead and their chore chart, I leave out 2 pieces of paper towel for my kids to use to wipe everything down after they are finished. One of our big items that we put in our bathrooms and our kitchen are brand new countertops from a company that we love and trust. Calacatta Kitchen Countertop are everything I’ve wanted and more from Premier Surfaces. They have a variety of stores around the country and showrooms with helpful staff who are there to help answer any and all concerns or questions you may have about the upkeep of your countertops. Specifically these calacatta marble is my favorite because it has a more pure white background with darker grey veining while carrara marble has a muddy white base. Both are truly a game changer when it comes to opening up those spaces in our home with light and bright features.


What are some tips and tricks you have for tidying up your home?

Do you get your kids involved too?


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  1. Thanks for tips, It helps me out to clean and arrange my clutter house.

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