Gifts That Keep on Giving

Buying for men? Impossible. At least that seems to be the general consensus. Even when you’ve been dropping hints for months it seems your partner still ends up going wide of the mark, and you end up with something not just random but completely off the grid.


You’re really not that hard to buy for, you just know what you like, so if you like some of our ideas below, it’s time to start making those hints a little bit clearer.

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Your time


Your partner might think that buying you a gift to be shared together is the way into your heart but truth be told, a gift that gives you a little bit of downtime away from the pressures of work and family, might be just what you need. That’s why you should be looking at the brand new XBox. The latest version, nicknamed Anaconda is rumored to be out next year, so you’ve got plenty of time to get your hints hitting home.


If vintage is more your thing then about some gaming that’s truly unique. We’re talking about custom arcade machines. If you’re someone who literally has everything, chances are you don’t have one these beauties. Even better, surprise your partner with one and reap the benefits of maximum present giving greatness.


Your style


If there’s one thing you love, it’s style and particularly your style. Start getting those hints in early with some sighing about the state of your suits and work hard to secure yourself a trip to a bespoke suit maker. In London you might hit up Savile Row, in Singapore, you’d be in Chinatown. Wherever you are in the world, you’ll find suit makers that offer you that personal touch that adds a little elegance and style to your look, no matter how tall or broad you are.


Get that perfect cut and you’re guaranteed to feel as good as you look.


Your fitness


It’s as straightforward as this: gym membership, maybe even joint membership, something you can do solo or with a partner. This is the gift that keeps on giving. Your health matters to you and gym membership will help to spur you on towards your fitness goals.


Get your lifting programme tailor-made to meet your needs and you’ll be feeling and looking great in no time at all.


You’re not hard to buy for, you just deserve to have a little time spent thinking about what you’d really like. From accessories for your man space to beautifully tailored suits and gym membership, there are plenty of options out there even when it seems you don’t have room in your life for any more luxuries. There will always be something thoughtful that you’re bound to appreciate. Don’t leave it to your partner to do the guesswork, let them know and you’ll avoid disappointing gifts and a disappointed gift giver. Instead, let them know exactly what’s on your mind and birthdays will never be a let down again.


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