Media Kit


I am now only doing giveaways, video “unboxings”, sponsorships and ambassadorships.

Giveaway hosting requires full-size products of $50 or more.  Giveaway prizes MUST be shipped by you, the sponsor.  Giveaways will run between 2-4 weeks, depending on the product(s).

Video unboxing on youtube will be at my discretion only (if it fits).  If the product does fit for an unboxing, I will upload a video as soon as possible, meaning I am 4-6 weeks out on each video.

Sponsored posts and ad space are also available.  Ad space is also available on social media accounts as well, please ask me for more details!  We’d love to collaborate on something awesome with you + your brand. Please contact me for rates.

Have other ideas? Contact me! I am open to new ideas and suggestions. I’m pretty easy going. Stats available upon request as they are always changing.

The Fine Print

Any packages Humble Mama Hustle receives without payment will be posted at our discretion. If the package received does not meet the already agreed upon required and/or does not include all items requested and/or offered, agreed upon coverage is null and void and will be covered as we see fit.

The owner of Humble Mama Hustle (Kristin Powell) will NOT sign non compete or exclusive contracts without payment. Any and all items sent to Humble Mama Hustle becomes the property of Humble Mama Hustle. If all you offer in exchange for coverage is high res images, payment will be required, and an overview of the product will be provided after payment is received. If you wish for us to post a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, we require payment.

Payments are required upfront via Paypal or Venmo and will be posted within a week of receiving payment.

Humble Mama Hustle will always follow FTC. All links will be “no follow” per Google’s terms. Sponsorship does not influence our posts. If we are uncertain about a post/products, Humble Mama Hustle will notify you.



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