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Your Ultimate Guide To The Subscription Box Trend!

Christmas every month! That is precisely the feeling you get when you sign up for a subscription box. This is because you know that you will get a surprise gift through the post on a regular basis. However, if you haven’t had any experience with them before you may be wondering what to expect and how to have the best experience possible. Something you can learn all about in my post below.

Why get a subscription box?

The reasons you may want to sign up for a subscription box can vary. Firstly they are fantastic gifts for people that keep on giving all year around. Something that makes them a wise choice for kids, and teenagers that get a lot of gifts on special occasions and then complain they are bored or don’t get anything new for the rest of the year!

Another reason to sign up for a subscription box is that it can save you money. In fact, the key selling point of many of the boxes is that if you bought the items individually they would cost you much more. Something that means you get fantastic value for money.

However, the last reason is my favorite, and it’s all about directing a little love your own way each month. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to have something to look forward to coming through the post instead of all those horrible bills?!

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A subscription box is like sending yourself a love letter every month!

What to expect when you sign up?

The process of signing up to a subscription box is super easy. In fact, all you need to do is enter your details on the relevant website, and await your next package. Of course, it’s wise to remember that there are often subscription box deals available if you place your order through particular sites. Something that can significantly reduce the cost of your first box, and sometimes even the regular monthly price.

Then comes the hard bit, waiting for your box to arrive. Try if you can to not jump up every time you hear the mailman! Happily, most of the boxes are designed to fit in a mailbox so you can receive them even if you are out when they are delivered.

However, this is not the always so, especially with some of the more high-end beauty boxes that contain full-size products. To that end, be sure that you provide alternative delivery instructions on your account. Otherwise, you’ll have to endure the agony of waiting even longer for your monthly treat, as well as risk seeing the spoilers online!

What type of boxes are out there?

When it comes to deciding what subscription box to go for, you will be amazed at the choice! In fact, there is a box for nearly every hobby or product that you may be interested in. Particularly popular at the moment are beauty boxes, self-care boxes, and geek-focused boxes too.

Although, there are also some awesome ones for kids that contain a selection of surprise toys, and even activities and craft that can provide entertainment for them throughout the month!

Of course, you’ll find plenty of subscription boxes that have an edible theme as well including chocolates, sweets, and boxes designed for particular diets such as keto and gluten-free. Something that means no matter your preference you really will be spoilt for choice if you take the plunge and choose to subscribe.

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  1. monique s says:

    I love subscription boxes but one does have to be careful when selecting then and understanding what you get and the cost.

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